Labiaplasty in Baton Rouge | Labia Rejuvenation in Baton Rouge

There is an enlargement of the labia minora that are two cutaneous-mucosal folds that surround the vaginal opening. A disproportionate enlarged labia minora may result for several reasons. The most common is congenital. Acquired causes are childbirth, intercourse, chronic irritation and inflammation due to urinary incontinence or dermatitis. The enlargement of the labia minora often results in discomfort in tight pants, sports activities and self consciousness and embarrassment.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces and or re-shapes the labia minora. The original method of labial reduction excised or removed the protruding portion of the tissue and sewed the raw edge. This resulted in a scar along the entire surface of the labia and loss of the normal color, contour and appearance of the labia. The newer Labiaplasty contouring procedure preserves the natural color and contour of the labial edge. The size of the labia minora is reduced by removing the excessive tissue as a “V” wedge and then sewing the edges together. This technique maintains the normal appearance of the labia with almost undetectable scars. The surgery can be done with local anesthesia only or in combination with sedation.

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