Laser Skin Resurfacing in Baton Rouge

The Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Laser was introduced for skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation in the mid 1990’s. It has been the “gold standard” for improvement of facial skin aging, sun damage and acne scarring. This was called “ablative” skin resurfacing since it treated the entire surface of the epidermis and upper portions of the dermis. The problem with this fully “ablative” resurfacing was that the recovery period was painful and prolonged with postoperative redness and frequent pigment problems.

Intense Pulsed Light Lasers

Intense Pulsed Light Lasers were introduced that were “non ablative”. These caused no epidermal injury and because of this there was virtually non healing downtime. The results of these laser treatments resulted in minimal improvement of sun damaged skin primarily that of pigment problems without visible skin tightening.

Fraxel Laser


In 2004 the fractional photothermolysis “non ablative” or Fraxel Laser was introduced. This laser produced thousands of precise microscopic laser columns that penetrated deep in the dermis. The body’s response to these laser columns is to regenerate collagen. These laser columns leave the intervening areas of skin unchanged. Because the skin between these laser columns is undamaged, there is much faster healing, less downtime and fewer problems. The results for lining and aging skin were, however, less than that of the Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Laser.

A combination of the Carbon Dioxide(CO2) and the Fraxel Lasers gave rise to the Fractional CO2 Laser. This is called a micro ablative skin resurfacing. Dr. Williams uses this newest laser technology to reduce the postoperative pain, healing time and potential side effects and problems while safely and effectively rejuvenate the appearance of aging skin, sun damaged skin, and acne scarring.

Skin Enhancement

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