Posted by: Thomas Hanna

Here is a brief synopsis leading up to our experience with Dr. Williams and his staff…After 20 years of marriage and 2 kids my wife decided to have a procedure done to correct some issues. We searched for months to find doctors that would do a reduction, lift, and implant. After a long search we decided on Dr. Williams. We made the appointment and on the day of the appointment upon arriving we were greeted by the staff in a way that was warm, friendly, caring, and attentive. The staff made us feel at home, so to speak. They didn’t talk down to us, they made sure that our questions were answered and all our concerns were resolved. The weeks before the surgery I was on the phone with Maura and Kristen more than anyone else making sure the test results were sent to their office and everything was a go. I know they got tired of me calling but every time the wife and I called they were courteous and considerate. They never once were rude or disrespectful. The day of the surgery the staff cared for my wife with the utmost care. They treated her in a way that was above and beyond what a hospital would do. They treated her with dignity to ensure that she was covered and comfortable at all times; the staff made her at ease about the procedure, while they joked around and laughed with her. I have observed surgeries in the past and the care that Dr. Williams’s staff provides is by far the best I have seen. Hospitals need to take notes on Dr. Williams and his staff. Once my wife was inside the Operating Room I was able to prepare the hotel room for her to come back to. When I arrived back at the Surgery Center, Kristen gave me an update on my wife. Dr. Williams came into the waiting room and gave an update on the surgery and gave instructions on what the next steps were. Here is where the compassion comes in…We stayed in a hotel down from the Surgery Center. Dr. Williams came to the hotel the morning after the surgery and checked on my wife. To have a doctor come to a hotel and check on his patient shows that they are compassionate about their work and are concerned about the wellbeing of their patients. Dr. Williams was reassuring, and attentive. We made the two hour drive home knowing that if anything was to arise we could always make contact with Dr. Williams or his staff. Dr. Williams and his staff prove that there are physicians and nurses out there that provide services that exceed any and all expectations. Thank you Dr. Williams for giving my wife back the confidence she has searched for, for so long. Many thanks to your wonderful, professional staff.

Posted by: June

I just have to tell you, if you are looking for a very talented surgeon then you have found the best one here. I have done the research and talked to several. I chose Dr. John MD Williams because he showed the confidence that he could fix my problem. That’s what makes him so special. He knows what he’s doing and he makes you feel secure in that fact.

I had stage 3 colon cancer surgery in 2006. While that surgeon helped save my life, he was not a very good seamstress. Dr. John MD Williams fixed a severely messed up abdominal scar. He made me a new belly button and I look and feel so much better. Everyone at his office is so sweet and patient. I had a zillion questions and fears and they were all put to rest. The anesthesia doctor even prayed for me before the surgery. How special is that? Dr. Williams is so intelligent that when you go to consult with him he has already figured out how to fix your problem before you even have a question. I think of him as a scientist. He really knows his stuff and he is a gifted surgeon. I hope anyone looking to have any type of aesthetic surgery done will give his office a call. You will be impressed from the very first person who answers the phone. I live in Mississippi and I drive all the way to Baton Rouge!

Posted by: LivingOnPurpose

Dr. Williams & his entire Professional Staff were Amazing. His daughter, Maura (Patient Care Consultant) has a warm personality that soothes the soul. I chose my PS because of the diversity of his patients & the results. I also was NOT looking for a Cheap PS but yet someone inexpensive. I found him! Thank you all so very much for taking excellent care of me prior to, during, & post-op Surgery!

Posted by: Lydia Brownton

I highly recommend this doctor. I had a tummy tuck about two months ago and I look and feel great. His daughters were so sweet and Dr. Williams took his time to answer all of my questions. I must warn you it is a pretty painful procedure even with the pain pump but I thought it was more than worth it. I finally feel comfortable and confident in my tight fitting clothes again. Thank you Dr. Williams!

Posted by: Swetty

I didn’t post pics, but you can take my word. I live in Lafayette and I had my breasts done 32 years ago and the doctor over here messed me up really bad. So, I had a friend that went to Dr. John Williams in Baton Rouge and I showed him my breasts and he fixed them and did an awesome job. Just wanted to tell you little bit of what he did for me on August 21st. I had a Tummy Tuck and Lipo to my hips and again he did an awesome job. If this would help I would give him permission to show you my pics that he took. I really can ramble on about him all day long. His bedside manner and the nurses are awesome and he really did an awesome job. I just love him. I would never go anywhere else. The cost was $10,000.00 and worth every penny. I have sent so many of my friends to him since the 90’s and everybody’s results were awesome. When he did my surgery it was on a Tuesday and I went back to work the following Tuesday and I have been active ever since. I will say the first 2 days are rough, but after that I didn’t take any more pain meds and other things. I like that when you call he gets on the phone and will talk to you. If he is in surgery, they will let him know that you are on the phone and answer any questions you have. If you need to call me for more information, here’s my number: 337-296-5450, I really don’t mind!!

Posted by: A Google User

I was impressed with Dr. Williams from my very first visit. He has a wonderful bed side manner. Very warm and easy to talk to. The office staff is very professional and there were no surprises in the process leading to surgery. I had to call Dr. Williams office several times with concerns before my procedure and I was either able to speak with him right away, or he called me back within a few hours. His surgery nurse was very professional and friendly as well. I am very pleased with the results of my procedure. Although my eyes remained puffy for a few weeks, Dr. Williams worked with me in helping to ease the swelling. There was no charge for these extra visits. I felt I was I was in good, competent hands and so glad I chose this doctor.

Posted by: Kim Huffman Perry

Dr. Williams,
I wanted to thank you and your staff for everything you have done. I know many people that do not consider elective surgery to be “life changing,” but with the right physician and staff, I believe it can be. You have been so kind since our first meeting. I respected your decision greatly when I first met you in 2003. I had already done enough investigating to know you were a good doctor. But when you told me I would have to wait almost 2 years to have the surgery (ies) until I increased my blood levels and gained weight, you were the surgeon for me. Your concern was a motivation. When I returned 2 years later, you still had the same staff in Alexandria and Baton Rouge. That alone speaks well about what kind of person you are.

I had gained a lot of weight during my marriage (2 babies in 14 months, stress etc.) and thought the solution would be gastric bypass. Whenever I ended up so sick and underweight, I hated the way my body looked even more. I can remember apologizing to your nurse about the way I looked, she was so kind and understanding. My body had gone through so much I couldn’t bear to look at it, much less be intimate with Ben. I know I’m not perfect, even after my surgery, but I am so much happier and confident. These feelings have obviously pleased Ben as well and helped my marriage improve. Yet many people I know thought negatively of my decision to have cosmetic surgery. Your personality, reputation and choices in staff helped me disregard other people’s negative opinions. Insurance did not pay anythingfor my surgery, but we knew you were the best person for me and my family. Your offer to stay at your home after Katrina shocked me. I asked your secretary “What doctor would even consider that?!” When you phoned me at home after the second breast surgery I was touched. You knew I was in pain (which I rarely admit to) and I was becoming frightened. When you thought enough to phone and explain my pain and what you had to do, it alleviated my fears. I appreciated that gesture. Monica has also been kind enough to answer Ben’s (many) questions after the initial surgery in 10 – 2005. She never lets me leave without a hug and is always so pleasant and concerned about how I am doing. It’s no wonder you came so highly recommended.

I know this letter is wordy, but I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you and your staff (both nursing staff and office staff) how much we have appreciated the concern and thoughtfulness shown to me and my husband. Sometimes the practice of medicine is more than just a science.

Thank you for everything,
Kim Huffman Perry

Posted by: Leslie Faust

It was really nice to talk to you this week – it was almost like reconnecting with an old friend! I really appreciated everything you did for me before and after my surgery, and I enjoyed all of our conversations as well. You made what could have been an uncomfortable experience really relaxing, so thanks!