Crisalix 3D Digital Imaging Technology

Patients usually have limited choice when trying to judge how they might look after surgery, relying on other patient’s photos or trying implants in a bra. Dr. Williams understands patients and combines his extensive expertise in aesthetic surgery with detailed bio dimensional assessments and the advanced Crisalix 3D imaging technology.

Aesthetic patients will be able to “try on” their new breasts to finally answer the question every patient has: “How could I look after the procedure?” Aesthetic surgical candidates can now see their new look before surgery using Crisalix VR 4D technology.

Crisalix delivers anatomically accurate 3D images so you have the very best approximation of how you will look post-procedure.

Your images of your current appearance will be shown to you side by side with your potential breast appearance after surgery and can be viewed in full interactive 3D.

How Crisalix Works:

Plastic Surgery Procedures:

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