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Rhinoplasty surgery is done to reshape, decrease or augment a person’s nose. This is done to give a proportionate appearance to the nose and provide facial harmony. A nose that is too large, has a large hump, a bulbous tip, or is crooked or bent often detracts from an otherwise beautiful facial appearance. Noses come in all different sizes and shapes. Rhinoplasty cannot replace your nasal appearance with someone else’s nose.  Rhinoplasty does not aim at making everyone’s nose look the same.  The best Rhinoplasty surgery is one in which no one knows for sure that you have had  nose surgery.

In addition to improving the cosmetic appearance Rhinoplasty can also be combined at the sane time to correct functional problems caused by trauma or injury to the nose such as broken nose, birth defects, or breathing problems.  Correction of breathing problems often caused by a deviated septum is one of the most common surgeries that is done in conjunction with Rhinoplasty.

Candidates for Rhinoplasty:

  • Decrease the size of the nose. The nose is overall “Too Large” for the patient’s face.
  • Decrease the width of the upper portion of the nose. The nasal bones are too wide.
  • The nostrils are too wide and or flaring.
  • The nasal tip is too large or bulbous.
  • The nasal tip lacks definition.
  • The nasal tip is wide and body.
  • The nasal tip is plunging toward the upper lip
  • The nasal dorsum has a hump or is irregular. 
  • The nose sticks out too far in relation to the face and chin
  • The nose is crooked or asymmetrical
  • There is lack of a nasal bridge

Your Consultation with Dr. Williams

Dr. Williams feels that the most important part of the consultation is to listen to you and understand what you want to achieve.  During your consultation Dr. Williams will discuss with you and explain the procedure and your  expected results. Each of the possible options about the surgery will also be explained.  Depending upon your goals, alternatives as well as additional procedures may be recommended.  The goal is for you to be fully informed so that  you are confident that the choice you make is the right one to give you the result you want. 

Computer Imaging

Because as indicated above, there are so many aspects of the nose that may be changed with Rhinoplasty, it is important that the surgeon understand your expectations.  It is however difficult for almost everyone to explain and define what alterations they want to achieve in their nasal appearance. It is also very difficult to envision what these changes would look like. More importantly, how would my nose look and would I like it?

To explore the may possibilities of Rhinoplasty and allow you to see the possible outcomes  of the proposed surgery Computer Imaging is initially done. Multiple photographs of your face and nose are taken. Computer Imaging uses special software that allows modification and change of your nose in the same manner as done in surgery.  Side by side comparisons of your nose and face allows you to visualize the expected results prior to undergoing the procedure.  This helps to provide an understanding of the desired outcome as well as potential problems or difficulties.

The technique of Computer Imaging allows for improved analysis of the nose relative to facial harmony. At this time it may be recognized the nose remains overly prominent due to lack of an adequate chin. Chin Augmentation may be needed to provide an overall improved nasal-facial appearance. The options for this can also be shown and evaluated.


Surgical Techniques of  a Nose Job- Rhinoplasty

The type and extent of the surgery performed will depend upon the goals that you wish to achieve as well as the present structure and appearance of you nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty

This procedure is performed by making incisions inside the nostrils of the nose. This does not result in any visible scars. This procedure can reduce a prominent or irregular dorsal nasal hump, narrow and reduce the width of the nasal bones, reduce a bulbous nasal tip and define the nasal tip and reduce or decrease the size or length of the nose.

Open Rhinoplasty

This procedure makes a skin incision between the nostrils in the middle of nose. The skin is lifted from the cartilages of the nose that are fully visualized. The cartilages of the nose can then be shaped and sutured under direct vision tor correct asymmetries and irregularities that cannot  be corrected with a the closed Rhinoplasty technique. An open technique also provides access to add  cartilage to the nose in  the areas where it is deficient.

Recovery From Rhinoplasty

Paper tape and plastic nasal splint is placed on the nose. This is left isn place for 7-10 days. Because there is minimal bleeding during this surgery nasal packs are not placed. This allows you to breath more normally through your nose after surgery. There is usually swelling of the nose and bruising of the lower eyelids if the nasal bones are narrowed. Ice compresses are placed to reduce the swelling and bruising. A low dose oral  steroid is give before and after surgery to reduce swelling and bruising. 

Rhinoplasty Surgery is not  a very painful surgery. Most patient do not require any pain medication the 3-4th day after surgery. The nasal tape and splint is removed 7-10 days after surgery. The initial result of the Rhinoplasty is apparent  at this time. The patient is instructed to massage of the nose for the next month or so to decrease any residual swelling. Final definition of the nose and nasal tip usually is see after several months.

Planning Your Procedure

The procedure is performed at the Plastic Surgery Center. This is performed in a nationally accredited (AAAASF) surgical facility. This ensures that the surgery is done incomplete  privacy and that it is done with the highest quality of  patient safety standards for ambulatory surgery. Prior to surgery all cases are reviewed in conjunction with Dr. Williams and  Anesthesia. Depending upon your present health and the type of procedure planned it may be necessary to have lab work done prior to surgery.

Dr. Williams will discuss with you and give you instructions for before and after your surgery. The surgery is out patient surgery. That means that you will be able to go home after the surgery. It will be necessary for you to have a care giver with you for 24 hours after your surgery.  This is to ensure your safety and that all necessary post operative instruction are followed. If you do not have a care giver arrangements can be made for this. Dr Williams understands that patients and their care givers often have anxiety, concerns  and questions after surgery.  Dr. Williams is always available 24 hour a day to respond to you. Every effort is made throughout to make certain that you have a  great experience and that you obtain your best possible desired result.

Cost of Rhinoplasty

The cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery will depend upon the complexity and the type of surgery that is required. A Closed  Rhinoplasty is about  $ 6,7500.00 and an Open Rhinoplasty is about $8500.00.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Nose Job-rhinoplasty

What kind of Anesthesia is Given for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is performed under General Anesthesia. This is done because it is very important that the patient does not move during the procedure. The removal, addition, suture or changes performed on the cartilage or structures of the nose requires fine precision without patient movement. There also  may be a small amount of bleeding of the nose.  A tube placed in the airway prevents any blood from going into the lungs.

How Do I Know What to Expect from My Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Computer Imaging uses special software that allows modification and change of your nose in the same manner as done in surgery.  Side by side comparisons of your nose and face allows you to visualize the expected results prior to undergoing the procedure.  This helps to provide an understanding of the desired outcome as well as potential problems or difficulties. This is an approximation of the results that are expected to be achieved with surgery

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