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There are few things more rewarding and one of the greatest joys than motherhood. Pregnancy can however dramatically change a woman’s body. Trying to diet and exercise while caring for a newborn is difficult to do.  Pregnancy often results in stubborn adiposity of the abdomen hips, thighs or back, loss of size and fullness of the breasts and sagging, excess skin, laxity, bulging and stretch marks of the abdomen. A Mommy Makeover can help you get back the body you had before pregnancy. It will help you restore and revive your self-confidence.


Your Consultation with Dr. Williams

Dr. Williams feels that the most important part of the consultation is to listen to you and understand what you want to achieve.  During your consultation, Dr. Williams will discuss with you and explain the procedure and your expected results. Each of the possible options for the surgery will also be explained.  Depending upon your goals, alternatives, as well as additional procedures, may be recommended. The goal is for you to be fully informed so that you are confident that the choice you make is the right one to give you the result you want.          


Candidates for Mommy Makeover

  • No further pregnancies are planned
  • There is adiposity of the hips, abdomen thighs and back
  • The breasts have lost fullness and size
  • The breasts are sagging and drooping
  • The stomach has stretch marks, excess skin sagging and bulging
  • Lost size, shape and firmness of the buttocks
  • Changes in the appearance of the labia


Surgery of Mommy Makeover

The surgery for Mommy Makeover is very individualized.  There are multiple options. The type of surgery selected will depend upon your present condition, what your goals are and what is most important to you. These options are:


  • Liposuction for persistent suborn fat of the hips, stomach, back, and thighs
  • Breast Augmentation for lost breast size and fullness
  • Breast Lift for sagging and drooping breasts and nipples
  • Tummy Tuck for stretch marks, excess skin, and laxity, and bulging of the stomach
  • Brazilian Butt Lift for loss of size, shape or buttock firmness
  • Labiaplasty for an undesirable appearance of the labia

Recovery from Surgery

The recovery will depend upon the type of surgery that has been done. The surgical procedures can be done separately at different times or often can be combined to be done at the same time. These options are discussed in detail at the time of consultation.


Planning for Your Mommy Make Over

The procedure is performed at the Plastic Surgery Center. This is performed in a nationally accredited (AAAASF) surgical facility. This ensures that the surgery is done in complete privacy and that it is done with the highest quality of patient safety standards for ambulatory surgery. Prior to surgery, all cases are reviewed in conjunction with Dr. Williams and Anesthesia. Depending upon your present health and the type of procedure planned it may be necessary to have lab work done prior to surgery.

Dr. Williams will discuss with you and give you instructions for before and after your surgery. The surgery is outpatient surgery. That means that you will be able to go home after the surgery. It will be necessary for you to have a caregiver with you for 24 hours after your surgery.  This is to ensure your safety and that all necessary post-operative instruction are followed. If you do not have a caregiver, arrangements can be made for this. Dr. Williams understands that patients and their caregivers often have anxiety, concerns, and questions after surgery. Dr. Williams is always available 24 hours a day to respond to you. Every effort is made throughout to make certain that you have a great experience and that you obtain your best possible desired result.

The Costs of Mommy Make Over

The costs for a Mommy Make Over vary greatly depending upon what types of surgeries are done. This is dependent upon your individual condition and your goals. Combining two procedures done at the same time decreases the overall recovery time from two separate recovery times. Also combined surgeries at the same time is less expensive that doing the surgeries on separate dates. The average cost of two combined surgeries is $8,000.00 - $13,000.00

Frequently Asked Questions About Mommy Make Over

When Is the Best Time to Have a Mommy Make Over?

It is advised that you are not planning any further pregnancies and that you wait 9- 12 months after your last child before a Mommy Make Over. It is important to know that the recovery period from a Mommy Make Over will make it difficult to care for an infant in the weeks following surgery.

How Many Surgeries Will Be Necessary?

A Mommy Make Over may include as few as two procedures or as many as five. This will depend upon your specific needs.

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