Post-procedure Hivamat Massage in Baton Rouge & Alexandria, LA


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Dr. John V. Williams is the only plastic surgeon in Louisiana to use Hivamat Electrostatic Massage Therapy in his practice.

Hivamat Electrostatic Massage Therapy uses pulsed electrostatic energy to create a field between the therapist’s hands and the affected area. The result is resonant oscillation that penetrates the deep tissue and stimulates the body’s natural recovery process. With minimal pressure, the therapist can penetrate the core of the affected area. Advantages of undergoing therapy with the Hivamat System include:

  • Treatment of a wide variety of post cosmetic procedures
  • Effective treatment of edema (acceleration of lymph flow)
  • Treatment of a wide array of sports-related injuries (acute, subacute, and chronic) as well as pain resulting from muscular exertion
  • Comfortable relaxation therapy for tranquilization and regeneration
  • Decreased bruising

Hivamat Electrostatic Massage Therapy is used by the NFL to reduce player downtime. This therapy decreases our patients’ recovery time by promoting the healing process and increasing the body’s natural rate of recovery.


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