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Although fat grafting has been performed for greater than 20 years, the major problem has been the unpredictability of the injected fat. A great deal of research has been done to determine why there is such a variability. As a result of this research, many of our previous concepts about fat have changed.

It is now felt that the actual fat cell is not the most important cell in the fat injection. It has been long recognized that the injected fat cell does not survive due to lack of establishing an adequate oxygen and blood supply. However, it is the remaining “stromal” cells with a “microvascular matrix” that replaces the adipose tissue and is the course of soft tissue re-structuring. It is these multipoint cells that have been identified in the process of cellular adipose proliferation and regeneration.

The new concept of fat transfer, therefore, is to “inject a bioactive adipose-derived cellular matrix.” This is a non-surgical process. Fat is removed (harvested) with a syringe and then processed into “Nonfat” or “Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection” by passing the fat through a series of filters. This process essentially removes the fat cells and results in regenerative cells and its matrix. It is this component that can be injected into multiple different areas such as the face and eyelid to restore, rejuvenate, and obtain natural results.

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