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If you’re considering a tummy tuck procedure, you’ve probably learned that you might need drains afterward to get rid of fluid accumulation. But at Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge, you have a more modern alternative. Baton Rouge and Alexandria, Louisiana’s top plastic surgeon, John V. Williams, MD, uses TissuGlu® for most abdominoplasty surgeries. This surgical adhesive takes the place of drains, so you have a quicker recovery and start showing off the new you immediately.

TissuGlu Q & A

Why would I need drains after a tummy tuck?

When you go through a tummy tuck procedure (abdominoplasty), you usually need drains to reduce any fluid buildup and collections at your surgical site. Fluid accumulations, called seromas, develop as a result of tissue loss when fat or skin tissue is removed.

Drains help minimize inflammation and improve your healing. But drains can be uncomfortable and if they’re not regularly monitored, can also lead to infection. Many men and women who go through abdominoplasty surgeries benefit from TissuGlu® instead of drains.

How is TissuGlu used in abdominoplasty surgeries?

TissuGlu is the only FDA-approved synthetic surgical adhesive that’s made for internal use. It works by forming a strong bond between tissue layers in your abdomen after surgery. Because your internal tissues are “glued” into place, you don’t have a risk of open pockets for fluid buildup.

Dr. Williams can let you know ahead of time if you’re a good candidate for TissuGlu instead of drains (most patients qualify). But be aware that in some cases at the time of surgery, Dr. Williams may opt for drains instead, if they turn out to be a better solution for your recovery.

Does TissuGlu dissolve on its own?

When you have a cut on your hand or another area, your doctor might use a skin “glue” solution to seal up your wound, so you don’t have to get stitches. These products help bind your skin together, allowing tissues to heal. TissuGlu works in the same way in that it cures to tissues, cross-linking itself within the tissue matrix to form a strong bond.

As your tissues heal and start bonding together, TissuGlu gradually breaks down into safe, absorbable particles. In a clinical trial with TissuGlu, patients needed fewer post-op treatments and were even able to return to work and regular daily activities more quickly,  including walking up and down stairs.

If you’re ready to schedule your plastic surgery procedure and find out more about how TissuGlu can benefit you, book a consultation at Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge today.